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Filip Johnsson


Carsten Birk

I was born in 1968 and have lived with and loved dogs all my life including Poodle, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Great Dane, Dachshund and English Cocker Spaniel. I have been chairman for the Danish Great Dane Club and member of the Danish Kennel Club's Show Committee.Further, I have been vice president of the Danish Kennel Club and chairman of the Judge Committee and Committee for National Breeds in the Danish Kennel Club. I was authorized as FCI judge for Great Dane in 2002 and is today FCI All Breed Judge. I have judged in 30 different countries in Europe and Australia.

Roxana Birk

Since growing up in the countryside with my grandparents, I have always loved animals and nature.
My first cocker came into my life in 1989 and now I arrived to have 10 generations from that female. I have also bred jack russel terrier for 16 years and dacshunds from 7 years and I’m an FCI-judge for Dobermann , Schnautzer , Great Danes, Newhoundland,Pinschers, Danish/Swedish Farmdog ,Jack Russel and Parsson terrier, All setters, waimaraner, pointers, italian bracco, spinone, kurtzar and drahtaar and all breeds from group 4 and 8 group under FCI.
My aim is temperament , health and type, construction and movement !
I have owned and bred , 1 World Junior Champion,1 European Junior Champion , 1 European Champion (Ch Roxicocker Luna) , 10 International Champions. In the last years that I’ve been training my dogs, I also bred have Italian Champions ,2 Belgian and 2 Norvegian Ch in English Cocker and 1 Absolut Italian Ch : Working and Beauty Italian Ch in Dachsunds .I’ve been showing dogs from Spain to Norway, England and at European and World dog shows!

Judging is a privileage ,a way to meet more people who love dogs and to see more type in different countries . So far, I’ve judged in Austria , Belgium,Cehia ,Danmark,England ,Estonia ,Finland,France ,Germany ,Holland,Hungary ,Irland, Island ,Israel , Italy ,Lithuania ,Norway, Poland, Portugal ,Romania,Russia ,Slovakia , Spain,Sweden .

Yours sincerely
Roxana Opris Birk - Roxicocker kennel 
Anne Maaløe  | anne@maaloemail.dk