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Philippe Lammens

Hello Labrador lovers,
My name is Philippe Lammens, I am from Belgium but living in France, I am breeding under the name ‘of Misty Dreams’
My first meeting with Labradors was in the hunting fields, I was 17 years, I got my first lab in 1979, and she was a rescue dog, we did a lot of obedience with good results.
I bought my first Golden & Labrador in 1983, we took directly a good start, the Golden became Field Trial Champion and the Lab became Show Champion and Field Trial Champion. I try always to follow the same idea, to have good looking labradors who can be also a good hunting dog!!
I had my first littler in 1986 and since that time I bred more than 60 Champions, and more than 50 other dogs who got CCs, we had also 45 dogs that passed their Field Trial qualification. We had also 8 Champions from other breeders, (Rocheby, Foxrush, Sireva, Carpenny, Foulby, Follies, Finnwoods, Van Budilium’s hof) and last but not least 8 Field Trial Champions.
We also bred dogs who didn’t have this high quality’s, but who were good pet dogs with super Labrador temperaments! We never forget that we got these results because a lot of other breeders did a super job, thanks to them!
I love also the Golden, got one show champion and 2 work champions. I owned also a very beautiful English Springer Spaniel and got some Cavaliers King Charles.
I am judge for field trial and working test, always happy to be in the fields or in the show grounds
I enjoy judging specialties and meet new friends over the world, I went to Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Croatia and Belgium,
I am so happy to have the occasion to go over the dogs of a lot of famous breeders over the world.
In 2018 I went to Great Britain, Japan, Ukraine, Serbia, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Canada & Italy. Thanks to the committee who gave me this new opportunity to judge on LabEvent. So happy to come and see your beautiful dogs

Tatiana Dreyer

I have been engaged in labradors since 1992, but this is not my first breed. I came to the Labradors almost by chance, but very successfully - my first basic dog was from Finland - Playmaker's Cherry Pie. I was lucky with her, as a newcomer can be: she was the granddaughter of Trenow Brigadier, and her mother line was Swedish-Finnish. Ida was a great show star, I regret that I could not fully appreciate her at that time and showed her only in Russia. She became the base female of Timantti Solid kennel. 
In 2004, I moved from Moscow and now I live 200 km from Moscow on the shore of a large lake. Today in the kennel there are 18 labradors, more than a half of them are already very old, and now I consider their worthy old age to be my main task. Not the easiest period for the kennel, but I also have plans for youngsters.
I am a show judge since 1996. I judged all over Russia - from the most Western show in Kaliningrad to the Far East, as well as in France, Sweden, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria.
In 2010 I was authorized by the English Kennel Club as a Labrador-judge approved to award Challenge Certificates. In April 2011, I judged at the Scottish Labrador Club Championships. In 2016, I judged Labradors at the World Championships in Moscow.
I heard a lot about your great Labevent, I thank the organizers for the invitation, it is a great pleasure and honor for me to judge at this famous show.

Faith Hyndman

My interest in Labradors began when we were looking for a family companion who needed minimal grooming after having spent 15 years with Poodles. In 1981 we ended up finding and purchasing Trumpet, who started my love affair with this wonderful, versatile breed. While waiting for space in an obedience class to become available at our local YMCA, I took show handling lessons with Kellydown Trumpet, C.D. I was immediately intrigued and challenged by the thought of owning a “show dog.”

My second Labrador was Am/Can CH Dickendall Moorewood Token, JH, bred by Rosalind Moore and Kendall Herr. Token finished her bench championship in just three weeks and I then added a Junior Hunter title to the end of her name. I believe that she was the first Labrador bitch with a Junior Hunter title to take the Breed at a Specialty back in the early days of the AKC hunt test program. I’m sure it’s happened many times since then but I believe she was the first.

Although my initial interest involved dog shows and breeding, I was also fascinated by the performance aspect of the breed. I have bred and or shown several breed champions, Junior and Senior Hunters, a Master Hunter, a Champion/Master Hunter and titled another MH for a friend. For about eight years I trained and ran field bred Labradors in trials up and down the East Coast while continuing to show in the breed ring. I was on the Board of Directors of our parent club, The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc, a founding member of the Keystone Labrador Retriever Club and am currently a member of the LRC, Inc, the Waterland Retriever Club, the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac and KLRC.

The friends I’ve met through this wonderful hobby have meant so much to me. Nancy Martin, Ayr Labrador Retrievers and Kendall Herr were a great beginning and although Nancy is gone now, to this day, Kendall and I have shared lots of Labradors, travels and fun. It has been a great trip and I am indebted to these ladies for giving me a solid start in this sport and some good old fashioned horse sense throughout the years. It would not be near as much fun to have done it alone.

Thanks so much for your invitation to judge this year. It is truly an honor. I’m looking forward to a wonderful day of dogs, old and new friends and beautiful weather.

Faith Hyndman

Buckstone Labrador Retrievers

Lotta Vuorinen

First of all I would like to thank the show committee for the invitation! It’s an honour to be judging in LabEvent.
I have had labradors since 1995. First I had just males but then I got more and more interested in breeding and my first litter was born in 2004 under affix Mouldhill’s. Since I have bred mostly yellow and some black labs with quite nice success.
Nowadays I also breed wire-haired dachshunds, both standard and miniature.
I also enjoy hunting with my dogs and do some trialing too.
I am quite a new judge graduating from Finnish Kennel Club’s course of 2017. I find judging very interesting and also very responsible job. I enjoy judging my very very dear breed labrador, and learning new breeds is very interesting and eye-opening. In ”civil-life” I work as a planning engineer in a regional council in a field of spatial planning both inland and sea-area.

I’m looking forward on August and seeing you all in Hasmark!
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